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Make Your Wedding Extra Fun - Wedding Photo Booth Hire

Make Your Wedding Extra Fun With These 5 Ideas!!

Make your wedding extra fun with these tips as weddings are about having a good time with your friends and family and sharing your day with them. Everybody wants to have fun especially at the reception, after all it’s the ultimate party!
1) Hire a Photo Booth :
Okay so we are a little biased here but we can vouch for all the fun that everybody has. There is always lots of smiles and giggles looking through the pictures. So, why not make your wedding extra fun by making the photobooth part of the guest book as well as part of an added bonus.
2) Add a “DJ request” line on your RSVP cards:
Why not get your guests to pick a song to play at the reception. Everybody will be waiting to hear their song throughout the night and its great fun guessing who picked which song. You will also be able to cater to everyone’s musical tastes and know at least one person will be boogieing on the dance floor at all times. 
Who doesn’t love sweets? How about instead of wedding favours on each table you let guests make their own pick-a-mix bags. Have several bowls of your favourite penny sweets from when you and your partner were young and let guests fill up their own little bags.
4) Games, games, games:
Not just a good way to keep the kids entertained, it could keep the adults giggling away. You could leave some board games like Jenga or Pick Up Sticks for guests to play on the table. I bet the kids wont get a look in with these though.
5) Snacks
How about an alternative for evening food? Everyone has seen the wedding buffet at the evening reception so instead you could hire a yummy takeaway van to come and serve your guests, or how about an ice cream van for a little extra sweet treat?

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